Orange Juice Safety Standards

Holding ourselves to a higher standard.

HomeMaker Premium is manufactured using the highest standards for quality, taste and safety. In fact, we abide by the highest standards in the world. Our juice is packed under the continuous inspection of the United States Department of Agriculture, ensuring that every carton contains nothing less than premium quality Grade A orange juice.

Enjoy HomeMaker Fruit Juices

From Grove to Grocer, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Every glass of HomeMaker Orange Juice comes with the following safety guarantees:
  • 100% Pure Premium Juice
  • Safely Grown Guarantee
  • Packed to the highest government standards, under the continuous inspection of the USDA
  • A full-time team of scientists and lab technicians carefully monitor each product
  • Our facilities and equipment are state of the art

If you ever have any questions about HomeMaker’s Product safety, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the date on the carton the “use by” or “sell by” date? Can I use it past this date?

2. Can I freeze the juice?

3. What does pasteurization mean?

4. Is the sugar natural or do you add it later?

5. Are the cartons recyclable?

6. What is the difference between "from concentrate" and "not-from-concentrate"?

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