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About HomeMaker

First and foremost is the flavor.
At HomeMaker, we believe that great taste can only come from using oranges picked at the peak of perfection. That’s what makes our juice so delicious and our customers so loyal.

Great value and great taste.
We’re proud of the fact that we make great tasting juice, and just as proud that we run a smart business that allows us to offer a premium product at a great price. That’s an integral part of our mission – to deliver 100% juice at a price you’ll always be able to afford.

Holding ourselves to a higher standard.
HomeMaker Premium is manufactured using the highest standards for quality, taste and safety. In fact, we abide by the highest standards in the world. Our juice is packed under the continuous inspection of the United States Department of Agriculture, ensuring that every carton contains nothing less than premium quality Grade A orange juice.

Our roots are in Florida, our juice is worldwide.
Orange Juice CrateSharing premium orange juice with the world, that’s what we strive for. With packaging plants throughout the USA and Caribbean, we are prepared to ship our delicious juice wherever you need it. Currently, our juice can be found on the shelves of some of the top grocery stores in the country.

A message from the founder:

As far back as I can remember, my day has started with a glass of orange juice- refreshing, cold, and sweet. As a sixth generation Floridian, that’s the way it’s always been for my family and me. So, when HomeMaker was born in 1991, it just seemed right for orange juice to become my family’s livelihood. After all, we know good orange juice. We know how to source globally for the highest quality juice available. And we also know how to run our business so that you can get a great tasting juice without spending a lot of money. It’s not easy making juice that lives up to our standards… but to us, it’s worth it!

Thank you for supporting HomeMaker.